SharePoint Connector™

 is a plug-in that connects Petrel to a SharePoint™ web portal (RISE™ ReservoirTeam Info Sharing Environment). It captures the workflow and audit trail of Petrel, allows simple ‘one click’ storage of graphic captures, notes and files attached to processes and objects, and gives access to corporately shared best practice documents and 3D model QA/QC procedures .

Create ‘Info items’ and upload to SharePoint™

 Within the Petrel software a menu option and a toolbar enable simple collection of information related to Petrel objects and processes. This information is automatically categorized using metadata from objects and processes. QA/QC, ‘Waypoint’ and ‘Stoplight’ metadata are added to mark and navigate the modelling journey.  

Inspecting Petrel Info via SharePoint™

The information about Petrel processes and objects, including the full Petrel audit trail, can be inspected via the ReservoirTeam Info Sharing Environment (RISE™), which is a  SharePoint™ based web portal. It includes some standard views and queries based on processes, objects and waypoints and can be easily customised.  

Creating a knowledge ecosystem – ReservoirTeam Info Sharing Environment (RISE ™)

 SharePoint Connector leverages off the Petrel modelling effort to create a knowledge ecosystem documenting specific model results in a systematic manner, capturing the modelling journey via QA/QC waypoints, and correlating modelling results in a general technical discipline context.