Reservoir Team’s core competencies and services focus on the key value drivers in integrated subsurface reservoir evaluation and development project management.

These include:

• Project framing, specific workflow design and workflow management

• Promotion of communities of practice building and a knowledge sharing culture

• Capture and delivery of work flow based knowledge linked to live projects

• Uncertainty and risk management methodologies and processes

• QA/QC and Project Value Assurance (peer review) processes

• Technical consulting in the fields of petrophysics, geology, geophysics, geostatistics, 3D geo-modelling, reservoir engineering, and completion/fraccing

• Mentoring and training in all of the above.


A limited list of projects undertaken by Reservoir Team and associates

A super-major multinational oil company contracted Reservoir Team to implement workflow based Knowledge Management using the Common Knowledge system to build a ‘live’ catalogue of knowledge and to disseminate expertise developed in multidisciplinary field development study teams. The company also asked Reservoir Team to use the Common Knowledge system to develop and maintain a workflow based geostatistical best practice system oriented in support of study projects.

Workflow development and mentoring contributed to the successful 3D modelling of a giant mature oil field operator in Indonesia. On the same project Reservoir Team also deployed a reservoir engineering expert to fast track simulation efforts. As a result the operator’s project team gained substantial additional insights in alternative scenarios for subsurface architecture and the team could adjust drilling programs accordingly.

Reservoir Team has deployed the core of a large integrated geoscience team (geologists, geophysicists, 3D modellers) in support of a multi-field integrated reservoir study for a large Australian onshore operator. The aim of this study was to optimise gas recovery using state of the art geoscience technology integrated with input from engineering and drilling completion specialists.


Reservoir Team clients

Reservoir Team clients include Apache Energy, Beach Energy, Caspian Oil & Gas, Inpex, KNOC, Inland Oil, OMV Premier Oil, Santos, Shell, Stuart Petroleum, Unocal, and Woodside.