Discover Reservoir Team Information Sharing Environment (RISE™)


RISE™ is a SharePoint™ web portal to guide, document and audit Petrel 3D geo-models.

RISE™ enables continuous improvement of modelling creating a bridge between Petrel and corporate knowledge repositories. It is an enabler for quality assurance, easier future model iterations, avoiding repeat mistakes, and systematic capture of Petrel related knowledge and best practice.

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Petrel is very much about the journey to integrate all subsurface disciplines. Capturing knowledge along the modelling journey is equally important as the model itself. RISE™ in combination with SharePoint Connector™ provides a one-stop shop for Petrel documentation and knowledge management using industry standard Microsoft SharePoint™ technology.

› RISE™ communicates with Petrel via the SharePoint Connector™ Ocean plug-in which publishes information on objects, process panels and the audit trail directly from Petrel into RISE™.

Petrel audit trail and metadata are automatically captured and can be searched, filtered, and cross linked to other Petrel projects.

Petrel project documentation including screen captures are gathered and published ‘on the fly.’

Best Practice information and/or Standard Operating Procedures can easily be accessed from within and outside Petrel.

The architecture of SharePoint Connector™ plug-in in combination with RISE™ is fully customisable and can be tailored for specific corporate audit, training, knowledge capture and presentation needs.

RISE™complies with standard Microsoft Windows security.

SharePoint Connector™ is marketed by ReservoirTeam (email: or can be acquired via the Schlumberger Ocean store .

A cloud based trialing environment can be supplied at no charge.


* Petrel and Ocean are marks of Schlumberger