Introducing Reservoir Team Oil and Gas


Capture the most from your company’s 3D modeling efforts with our information and knowledge management system that is directly linked to Petrel.

We have developed a web based system that is a one-stop shop to review and understand all modeling with Petrel going on in your company. This system creates value by on the fly collecting model audit information and all related documentation requiring no extra effort beyond normal reporting.

Now anyone in your company can see via a clear, clean web based interface, structured documentation of past Petrel models and get a consistent view of key conclusions, key learning’s, QA/QC review and audit trail.

Our product SharePoint Connector™ is a Petrel Ocean plug-in designed to guide, document and audit Petrel models. This plug-in collates comprehensive information regarding Petrel models in a Microsoft SharePoint™ web portal RISE (Reservoir Team Information Sharing Environment)

ReservoirTeam leads the way developing innovative Ocean plugins for Petrel. Our team has been among the pioneers of 3D modelling and knowledge management for oil and gas E&P and can provide you with training and consulting in this arena.

* Petrel and Ocean are marks of Schlumberger